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Concurrent Solutions is a digital agency focused on the needs of
educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.


Our services are derived from the real world needs of organizations like yours. We are mindful of process and values, and understand that friend-raising is as important to you as fundraising and revenue.

Email/Social Marketing

We know your challenge: you have limited time and resources to do quality marketing and simply getting the message out sometimes qualifies as a win.

We help you with the tactical (email templates, social media campaigns, etc.) and the strategic. From boomer to millennial, we can speak the language, helping you reach diverse audiences where they are found with messages that resonate. If you haven’t heard of growth marketing or inbound marketing, or feel overwhelmed by the trends, no worries, we have it covered for you.


How many of your alumni, donors or members will ever visit your office? Not many compared to your total number of constituents; but almost all of them will visit your website.

We help align your web presence with the image and ideals you want to present to the world and fine tune it to work in concert with your marketing efforts and leadership expectations. You’ll turn casual visitors into converts.


Are you getting the best use from your email marketing tool, the alumni/member directory, donation forms, and event registration software?

We know this is a pain point for many organizations, and that staff sometimes struggle with effectively managing these tools. We have deep experience with helping teams better leverage what they have, providing tailored training and documentation that turns novices into experts, as well as uncover features and settings that will save time and improve performance.

Strategic Planning

Choosing and integrating software into your organizational processes can be a complicated and confusing process.

We know the software landscape, and can match your requirements with the right product, following a process of evaluation that is relevant to your specific business needs and organizational dynamics and goals. And because offices always have more than one system, we help you coordinate software, processes, and people together to increase efficiency and cost savings.


  • Brett has the rare ability to be both the visionary and the implementer for complex projects. He has the ideas, but can also roll up his sleeves to get the work done. It’s an unusual but ideal combination.

    Assistant Vice President for Regional Affairs, Duke Alumni Association
  • During our time together at Duke, I enjoyed working with Brett, a terrific strategist who has an uncanny ability to scope projects and deliver results in a resource-constrained environment. He truly understands how to work in complex, de-centralized environments that require a unique blend of creativity and discipline.

    Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations, Duke University Fuqua School of Business
  • [Brett's] focus is on understanding his clients’ needs, which means he listens and asks questions more than he talks. He knows that his job is to envision the end product, even when clients struggle to articulate them. His ultimate goal ... is to deliver products that exceed his customers’ expectations ...

    President, Duke Alumni Association Board of Directors

Want to learn more?

Reach out to get the conversation started. Call 919-672-2282 or email [email protected].


How we do what we do

If you’ve participated in more than one technical project in your career, you know things can go south before people realize what is happening. Our project methods deliver a positive outcome and upside on even the most thorny and complex problems, seeking to not only avoid calamity but reach a state of agreement across your teams and stakeholders.

Our process follows a blend of successful innovation methods (including agile, design thinking, lean startup, and service design) to define and achieve alignment between the goals, resources, and stakeholders for your project. This may sound techy and complicated, but our process is really a human-centric one, because in the end the technology or implementation should meet people’s needs, not the other way around.


Great teams can move mountains, and the highest performing teams are guided implicitly and explicitly by shared values.

Concurrent Solutions is dedicated to:

  • Challenge: We welcome obstacles and problems as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Change: Today’s knowledge may disprove yesterday’s wisdom.
  • Continuous learning: The world is constantly evolving, and we choose to be full participants, doing so by pursuing curiosity, inquisitiveness, and study.
  • Service: (Almost) any form of help given to another will keep us on the path to abundant living.

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